For the enemy in Sonny, see ZPCI Medic (Sonny 2).
ZPCI Medic
S1 ZPCI Medic
Level 5
Race Human
Appearance White November
- Stage 7 (Boss)

ZPCI Medic appears with ZPCI Assault and ZPCI Captain as the bosses of White November in Sonny. He is the one who shoots Louis at the command of ZPCI Captain.

All of his abilities cost Focus, and he has no way to regain it. Once he runs out of Focus, he cannot attack.



Attributes LV5
Speed 12
Magic 6
Strength 6
HP 96
Focus 150 Physical Magic Ice Fire Lightning Earth Shadow Poison
Target Weakest Piercing 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25
Defense 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25


Cost CD Available Targets Number on Action Bar
15 Focus
Explosion Animation ZPCI Medic Sonny 1 4
Element Damage/Healing
100% Magic
Accuracy modifier Additional notes

Cost CD Available Targets Number on Action Bar
22 Focus
Self and Allies
SWAT Heal ZPCI Medic
Element Damage/Healing
Heals 300% Magic
Accuracy modifier Additional notes

Ability SelectionEdit

Notes on enemy AI: While in a given battle stage, enemies will attempt to use First Choice abilities. If impossible (due to focus, silencing or cooldowns), they will proceed to Second Choice, etc.
Cooldown for enemies indicates how often abilities may be used, and is effectively one less than for Sonny (IE cooldown of 2 can be used every second turn)
Enemy-targetting abilities have a chance of targetting the weakest enemy rather than targetting at random; this is given in the Attributes section above.
Ally-targetting abilities always target the weakest targetable ally.
Selection within a category is random unless indicated.
All exceptions noted below.
Battle Stages First Choice Second Choice Third Choice
All friendly units above 90% HP SWAT Fire skip
Weakest friendly unit between 90% and 80% HP SWAT Fire
Weakest friendly unit below 80% HP SWAT Heal SWAT Fire skip


Headwear Bodywear Gloves Leggings Footwear Primary Secondary
SWAT Headwear
SWAT Bodywear
SWAT Gloves
SWAT Leggings
SWAT Footwear
S1 M7-V Rifle Image
unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown M7-V Rifle


ZPCI Medic should be an easy opponent for the players to dispose of, but it is recommended that before attacking the Assault and the Captain, the players should take out the Medic first. Because Medic cannot use Strike, his remaining attack, SWAT Fire, will always hit the player when performed, making him more dangerous than ZPCI Assault. Also, Medic can although not by a large amount, heal. Taking out the Medic firsthand will guarantee higher rate of survival for the players.


Item Name Item Icon Sell Price Stats In-Game Description In-Game Appearance
M7-V Rifle
S1 M7-V Rifle

Magic +11

Strength +3

Magic Piercing +5

Standard Issue Z.P.C.I. Weapon.
S1 M7-V Rifle Image


  • Since the ZPCI Medic and ZPCI Assault are only seen once, and in the beginning of the game, it probably means that they were replaced by more efficient ZPCI units, such as the ZPCI Elite, or the ZPCI Hunter.
  • ZPCI Medic and Assault are probably some of the lowest ranking and least trained ZPCI units, as they seemed to almost care about Sonny, mentioning that he speaks, and didn't open fire on him before being ordered to.
  • The ZPCI Medic and ZPCI Assault's chestwear SWAT, but mirrored to TAWS. When they get into Sonny's side, the SWAT is in the right order.
  • They and Sonny have the same hair style.

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