For the similar ability used by Armored Hound, Tunnel Beast and Shunny, see Vicious Strike (Enemy Skill).
Vicious Strike Animation Sonny 2 1

Vicious Strike Animation.

Vicious Strike is an active ability in Sonny 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Attack the enemy for X% of your Strength and Speed, with a X% chance of recovering your own Health.


Deals damage to a target and has a chance to place a buff on the caster that heals them for 3 turns. Critical chance of attack increased by 3.1.


Cannibal Blood: This unit is being healed for 3% of its maximum Health each turn. This effect has a 10% chance to resist being dispelled.


  • Tier 1: Damages target with 110% of caster's Strength and Speed and 13% chance of placing a buff on caster
  • Tier 2: Damages target with 120% of caster's Strength and Speed and 25% chance of placing a buff on caster
  • Tier 3: Damages target with 130% of caster's Strength and Speed and 50% chance of placing a buff on caster
  • Tier 4: Damages target with 140% of caster's Strength and Speed and 100% chance of placing a buff on caster


Vicious Strike will eventually prove to be a powerful attack as the game progresses. One of the distinctive characteristic about this ability is its healing capability. If mastered fully, Vicious Strike will be able to heal the user to the amount that will be able to resist the damage-over-time buffs for some time. Because this attack is scaled with Speed, if used along with Shadow Blend, Vicious Strike will deal substantial amount of damage.

Other characters who use this abilityEdit


  • The A.I. exclusive version of Vicious Strike is almost completely identical, except that it uses a standard melee animation, rather than the jumping one used here.
  • This ability looks identical to Wreck and Planned Assault.

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