White Dome Cutscene

The white dome that may be Utopia.

Utopia is a location in Sonny that has not yet been visited. Roald and the group of Insurgents he was with were originally from Utopia, but were forced to flee by the ZPCI. He is currently taking Sonny and Veradux there. It's worth noting that Felicity called The Tape "the key to Utopia", although the meaning of this is unclear.


This section contains theoretical information.
This is a fan-made theory and not official information.
White Dome Worldmap

The dome as seen from the worldmap.

It is possible that Utopia is the location seen in the cutscene after New Alcatraz. The place is a large white dome, possibly a force field, with a beam of light coming out of the top and pointing at the sky. "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine" song from The Tape may be referring to this location, since there is no sunlight on any level on Sonny 2. The same location is shown on the Sonny 2 world map in a somewhat more abstract art style. Utopia is another name for heaven so maybe the insurgents thought they could bring people back to life. In this way the zombies were possibly created. This also explains why the ZPCI hate the insurgents.

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