I don't know why this makes me so excited, but it is exciting nonetheless.

Infoboxes will now generate the icon for ability buffs automatically, which now means that you don't have to take screenshots of the ability buffs in-game and upload them to the wiki when you fill out the infobox!

You can see the changes I made here: Template:Infobox ability

You can check out the buff icon template here: Template:BuffIcon


Source for template displayed here (Note the lack of a buff image parameter)

{{Infobox ability
|name = Slash (defaults to pagename)
|alttitle = Acid Slash
|image = File:S2_Slash.png
|type = Active
|required level = 1
|attribute = Physical
|class = Biological
|target = Enemies
|unavoidability = No
|accuracy = 1
|cost = 40 Focus
|CD = 2
|buff = Acidic Residure
|buff attribute = Poison
|buff duration = 6
|maximum level = 4
|amount allowed = 2
|parent ability = None
|child ability = [[Corrosion]]
|example = true

It's just one of those "quality of life" changes that I think will help out immensely. Especially if and when *cough* SONNY 3 *cough* a new Sonny title comes out.

Existing images can stay since someone took the time to upload them, but if there were any ability images that slipped through the cracks, they will automatically be generated by this site.

In addition, if an ability icon image has been manually put into the template, it will override the automatic generation of the images (at least, that's what it's supposed to do!)

All in all, good looks all around.

P.S. super excited to log back into a re-done Sonny wiki! Big ups to the guys who worked hard on it!!!

P.S.S. this change does break a few of the ability infoboxes that have multiple buff icons because the buff changes with level. I will be making a fix for this shortly.

 Starport592  Talk  Contribs  Risk of Rain  01:54,7/5/2015