After searching through various Wikis looking for codes, I've finally finished the templates that are going to provide more convenience for the readers. Navbox Templates are designed to make it easier for the readers to navigate through the list of relavant pages. I've created 10 of them; 1 for characters, 1 for classes, 1 for locations, 2 for enemies, 4 for Ability Trees, and 1 for items.

I am going to start adding them to the respective pages (Done). Feel free to comment on these templates if the need requires. Also, you can make suggestions on which other group of pages need Navbox Templates.

The contents are organized in alphabetical order, with the exception of the location Template, which is organized by the order of appearance, and the item templates, organized from the items equipped from the top to the bottom.

So here are the list of the Templates:

Template:Sonny Char

{{Sonny Char}}

Results in:

Template:Sonny Loc

{{Sonny Loc}}

Results in:

Template:Sonny Enemy

{{Sonny Enemy}}

Results in:

Template:Sonny 2 Enemy

{{Sonny 2 Enemy}}

Results in:

Template:Sonny Skill

{{Sonny Skill}}

Results in:

Template:Psy Skill

{{Psy Skill}}

Results in:

Template:Bio Skill

{{Bio Skill}}

Results in:

Template:Hyd Skill

{{Hyd Skill}}

Results in:

Template:Sonny Items

{{Sonny Items}}

Results in:

Template:Sonny Classes

{{Sonny Classes}}

Results in:


Lastly, there is also going to be a button for collapsing the Navbox Templates. We will see if that works out properly after ShadowenX adds the code I provided to the page MediaWiki:Common.js.

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