• Arthur1124


    April 20, 2014 by Arthur1124


    Head Body Hand Leg Feet RH LH
    ZPCI Assault

    GSG9 Assault

    ZPCI Captain

    ZPCI Hunter, ZPCI Sniper

    ZPCI Elite

    ZPCI Medic

    ZPCI Paladin

    ZPCI Destroyer

    ZPCI Guardian

    ZPCI Assassin

    ZPCI Gunslinger

    Royal Courier

    ZPCI Hunter 2

    ZPCI Elite 2, ZPCI Ambassador

    (Ant)Arctic ZPCI Elite

    ZPCI Sniper 2

    ZPCI Medic 2

    ZPCI Surgeon

    Captain Hunt


    Black Ops

    Riot Police, Peacekeeper


    Secret Police

    Police Colonel

    ZPCI Fury

    ZPCI Velocity

    ZPCI Cryptor

    Ghost Samurai

    Moon Sensei

    Samurai of Omen

    Warm Samurai

    Sun Sensei

    Shaman of Blades (Bloody)

    Shaman Controller

    Shaman of Blades (Tribal)

    Shaman of Death (Staffman)

    Shaman of Death (Axeman)

    Shaman of Death(Survivor)

    Shaman of Life (Clubman)

    Shaman of Life (Axeman)

    Shaman of Ignition

    Shaman of Unusage


    Prison Guard

    Prison Guard 2

    The Ward…

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