Tunnel Worker
S2 WorkersTunnel Workers at the end of Sonny 2, as they thank Sonny for overthrowing the corrupt government of HewS2C tunnel workerTunnel Workers as they appear in combat mode
Level 1
Race Human
Appearance Labyrinth
- Stage 10

Tunnel Worker is an enemy from the Labyrinth zone of Sonny 2. However they never fight Sonny and his party.

After encountering Sonny and Veradux in the toxic Labyrinth zone, the workers mistake them to be humans covered in slime. They then provide equipment and masks to help Sonny's party stay alive in the toxic area.

During a worker meeting, an unknown figure hurls the dead body of a workers' brother into the room. This event along with the high ZPCI taxes cause them to riot against the city's government. They launch an attack against The Mayor and the city council, prompting the relocation of various ZPCI soldiers for the government's defense and a curfew to be imposed.



Attributes LV1
EASY Speed 9
Instinct 4
Strength 4
HP 125
Instinct 8
Strength 8
HP 212
HEROIC Speed 10
Instinct 10
Strength 10
HP 250
Focus 100 Physical Cosmic Ice Fire Lightning Earth Shadow Poison
Target Weakest Piercing 100 100 100 150 100 100 100 100
Defense 450 450 20 450 450 450 20 20


Although they are never fought, they are coded with Leading Strike twice - once Offensive and once Defensive.


Headwear Bodywear Gloves Leggings Footwear Primary Secondary
S2 Mining Helmet Image
S2 Mining Shirt Image
S1 Engineering Gloves Image
S2 Levo Jeans Image
S1 Navy Boots Image
Mining Helmet Mining Shirt Engineering Gloves Levo Jeans Navy Boots


They do not have to be fought, the entire stage is dialogue.


  • Each of them drops 1 of each item.
Item Name Item Icon Sell Price Item Stats Item Description
Mining Helmet
Mining Helmet Sonny 2 1
  • Speed+9
  • Instinct+3
  • Strength+17
  • Vitality+28
  • Physical Defense+125
Mining Shirt
Mining Shirt Sonny 2 1
  • Speed+17
  • Strength+28
  • Vitality+11
Enhanced protection for the workers.


  • The reason they think Sonny and Veradux are people, and not zombies, is due to the green slime, which is stated if the player clicks a certain point in Labyrinth`s Roaming Mode.
  • Their stage is the final stage, but doesn't play the "Final Encounter" theme.
  • The possible reason why the Tunnel Worker's piercing and defense is so varied is to test out the piercing and defense.

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