S1 Louis Tape

The Tape, as it is shown in Sonny 1 when Louis gives it to Sonny.


The Tape as it is illustrated in the Sonny 2 starting cutscene.

The Tape is a major part of the main plot in Sonny and Sonny 2. It is given to Sonny by Louis the Blind, saying: "It's a tape. Maybe it can help you."

Part in SonnyEdit

When Sonny gets off the White November he is looking for something to play the tape. He needs to fight his way through the Zone to hopefully find some way to play it. However, he never gets to actually play it in Sonny.

Part in Sonny 2Edit

The Tape is shown in the starting scene as the main plot device. Felicity steals the tape from Sonny and Veradux while they are sitting around a campfire and escapes into the nearby prison. They hurry after Felicity to get it back. They need to fight through the Zone 1 New Alcatraz to fight Felicity as the boss at the end of the Zone. Felicity commented that the tape is "the key to Utopia" before Sonny and Veradux engage in the fight with her. In a car they get to play the tape. It however only plays the song "You are my Sunshine" and does not explain anything. They have no other choice than to follow other leads for the time being.

It is possible that when Felicity had The Tape in her possession, she switched it with the one that she threw to Sonny in the cut-scene at the end of Zone 1 in order to avoid giving him the actual tape. On the other hand, she may have been happy to hand over the real tape if she had already listened to it.


  • Considering the song's topic is about sunshine, the fact that Louis the Blind gave the tape to Sonny, and the similarity between the sound of sunny/Sonny, it's very possible that Sonny himself is the key to Utopia.