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Sonny, the main character of the series, as used for iOS app icon for the new Sonny game.

Sonny is a series of role-playing adventure games created in Flash by Krin and published through Armor Games. The main feature that sets it apart from other RPGs is that the main character, Sonny, is a zombie, and the plot of the game is structured around this key fact. The game is set in a fictional universe with a wide variety of technology and equipment; for example, some characters use melee weapons, such as clubs and swords, while others use magic or guns.

To date, Sonny has had one sequel, Sonny 2, and also a game which is a complete reimagining of the series, called Sonny (2017) , which has been released on iOS and on Steam, with possible other platforms being discussed.


Author's Website

Krin is the author of Sonny, and has his own Sonny website, part of which he uses as a blog, which can found here. It also contains a forum that can be accessed here, where all posts and discussions related to Sonny can be found by clicking on "Sonny".




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What is your favorite class in Sonny 2?

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What is your favorite class in Sonny?

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Which ally combination do you prefer for Sonny 2?

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    Comment: "A heavy emphasis is placed on strategy" ? Uh no. This is the poorest of the 3 titles in terms of strategy. Characters have predetermined...
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    Comment: For anyone playing fire strain, I recommend having both passive (heat distortion and phoenix soul) for maximum critical hits while staying alive.
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