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Sonny 3 is the tentative name for the sequel to Sonny 2, and to the Sonny series as a whole that will be released in future. Krin, the developer of the Sonny series, has stated on Armor Games that he is "working on some exciting stuff... Sonny 3 [is] in the plans". Now that Krin has finished making Sinjid, he is currently developing Sonny 3 as of April 2016, and will be done somewhere in October 2016.[3]

Forum Posts

Note: All information in quotes was taken from Krin's forum post found here and was posted by Krin. Only important information is posted here; for general comments made by the community and other posts made by Krin, see this topic in the forum, found here. This article will continue to be updated as Krin posts new posts about Sonny 3.

Important Post 1 (first post of topic)

"Since Sonny 2 finished, I hesitated to start Sonny 3 for so long because I really didn't know how to overhaul the engine/gameplay to make it significantly better - I didn't just want to reskin Sonny 2 with new content! That would have been underwhelming. I looked far and wide for any new interesting turn based RPG mechanics, but there was either stuff that was the same as everything else, or stuff that just didn't fit. Also, the Sonny series never really plays on the fact that he is a Zombie (in terms of gameplay)!

Recently, I've gone back to the drawing board again to see what I could do. I definitely want to make something that hasn't been done before (or is at least rare to see), and I wanted to play on the Zombie theme.

Here's what I came up with so far. What do you think?

Stat Evolution

When you level up, instead of choosing a stat, you instead unlock a 'gene slot.' You can collect genes by taking them from dead enemies, or researching or buying them. You put a gene into a slot to gain the stat. So you could have +1 agi on a gene. Or you might find a rare gene that gives +2 agi instead. There could be some really fun affixes on these genes as well, so you aren't restrict just to the base stats. And if you want to build your character a certain way, you need to farm enemies with the genes that you want to take.

Skill Evolution

Like stats, these are also slot based. It is similar to the Materia system in FF7 or the Path of Exile game. You can get an ability gene, which you put into a slot. These will be spells/skills you can use. So we'd do away with the class system entirely - you can configure the skills any way you want. On top of that, you get additional genes that you can use to spec the ability further. Consider I have a normal strike attack. I can upgrade it with 3 separate genes:

  • Deal 20% More Damage.
    * + 20% Crit Chance
    * Cause the target to bleed for 35% of damage over 4 turns.

Suddenly I have buffed it to be a stronger DPS skill. Or alternatively I could make it a defensive skill, control skill, etc. So as a player, you'd be designing your own moves - and adapt them to the enemies you'll face. You'll also get to collect new moves and upgrades for them - you can 'learn' the skill of a boss by killing him (like in Megaman)!

Ability Overloading

When you bring up the circular menu to use a skill in Sonny 2, you have 8 options. Now, what if you wanted to use your skill a more specific way? Say hello to Overloading! Consider I have a Fireball skill. I click to use it on an enemy. Another circular menu then pops up around the fireball with further options:

  • Cast normally: I use the skill as-is and deal 20 damage.
    * Overload with power: I deal 40 damage, but the skill goes on extended cooldown.
    * Overload with control: I deal 20 damage, and also dispel a buff from the enemy, but the spell costs more Focus to cast.
    * Overload with speed: I deal 10 damage, but will pay less Focus for the skill.

Meaning that it further specialises your combat tactics and how you play the game. Skill rotations will be less mundane you'd have a lot more possible outcomes depending on how you chain your skills.

What do you think of these ideas? Good complex? Or bad complex? Should we bring the tactical gameplay of Sonny 3 to another level, or keep it nice and simple to be enjoyable?"

Important Post 2 (in response to community posts)

"Ok, if we want to keep both the idea of classes, and the idea of free customization - how does this sound to you all?

  • Keep the gene system and make skills and characters fully customizable by you.
    * Also introduce a Class system. The class is only superficial, however, and is more like a template for the character's build and skills. So halfway through the game, if I want to break away from my template, I'm free to do so. Otherwise, it keeps the skills and stats focused.
    * Have basic stats and skills be readily available so that you wouldn't need to farm to start playing any spec you want.
    * However, keep rare genes and skills as drops so that there is a bit of excitement in hunting for the perfect build and genes.

Fair compromise? Ideally, it would be nice if someone plays the game, and at the start, it feels just like Sonny 2. The leveling, the skills, the items... But then later there is the possibility of a lot more freedom.

I think that would be really fun for PvP as well."

Important Post 3 (in response to community posts)

"Hmm, I like the idea of morphing the "Class" of the player to suit their skills / items. That was actually one of my later ideas as well, but I feared it too complex to learn and understand from a player's point of view:

In-Combat Mutation

This is a separate idea that is combat specific. The key is that every turn, you develop a certain mutation. For new players, it would be automatic at first. Mutations would be things like, if you get hit with a Fire attack, you gain +15% fire resistance. If you get hit again, it goes up to 30%. Now let's say you attack - you get a +15% damage mutation, but lose your fire mutation. The idea is that you get passives that slowly adapt your adversity and your actions. That would encourage both consistency in your actions, and also deter repeating patterns of attack. Well that's the aim anyway ^_^

Back to the skills idea - I am now considering that if you unlock a gene, it remains unlocked and you can just use that at will. Perhaps that could be a cool new approach where we have 8 bosses (or so), and each boss has a special theme/power. When you beat them, you absorb it to use in your skill pool (if you want). So, it won't be linear anymore, but more like Megaman, where you can chose which boss to fight first.

Of course I'd have to tune it so that bosses you leave for later get stronger as you defeat weaker bosses - but should be more fun in terms of gameplay."

Note: These are his current ideas. It does not mean that they will acutally be implemented into the game (even though they most likely will). To see some of the community responses made to Krin about implementing these ideas, click here.

Blog Posts

Important Post 4 (Invasion, Sonny, Unity)

I’ve started Sonny 3 production, finally! It will be a while before I have any videos or screens available – the visuals will only start to come together once the game engine is done (right now, everyone is a box – coder art FTW). But in the meantime, here’s a bit more info:[1]

  • It will be using a completely new engined designed from the ground up.
  • It will be turn based, and you still select the target, and your skills will pop-up around.
  • It will be targeted for mobile as well.
  • Story will most likely be rebooted like Sinjid was.
Skills in Sonny 3
  • No more classes and skill trees. You will literally build your own class and customise your skills as you play.
  • You skill have an Ability Wheel with 8 slots.
  • Passive Skills will need to go on the wheel as well.
  • Reactive Skills are a new type of passives. You put them on to the wheel, and they will proc off the active skill(s) that they are adjacent to. They will do things like decrease cooldown, add a second ‘strike’ to the skill, cause it to stun, etc.
  • Since there is no more skill tree, you actually gain Skills by absorbing them from slain enemies. Any skill that any enemy has, can be yours. It is up to you to find the right set of skills that work well together, and hunt down the right enemies to take them for yourself.
  • Skills are levelled up separately. Each skill will sort of have it’s own mini ‘tree’ that you can use to specialise the skill further . It doesn’t take long to level up a new skill to max level – the main point of this is for very intricate customisation. It shouldn’t be a grind.
  • New Overload mechanic – Overloads are sort of like little extra skills you can cast on top of an existing skill. So your vanilla “fireball” spell could be overloaded to do more damage, or stun the enemy, or leave a damaging burn – adding more tactical choices to each skill. Of course, using an overload (rather than a vanilla cast) of a skill will incur some kind of extra cost to your character.
  • Less emphasis on stats, more on strategy. The new skill system will have a LOT of mechanics – and these mechanics are how you will win fights. Pure stats will carry much less weight in Sonny 3.

Maybe some of you are doubtful about all these changes and just want a rehash of Sonny 2 with more content – but I honestly think that isn’t the way to go. I want to work on something fresh and that I genuinely feel excited about – otherwise I’d be like a ship without a compass. I am actually really excited about the gameplay concepts in Sonny 3 – and I just hope it translates well to reality :)

Important Post 5

I have prototyped a few different ideas and have decided to go with the Mutagen design after all.[2] I think it’s really fun to be able to pull apart the DNA of your dead enemies and absorb their abilities – but also to be able to mix them and create your own combinations. Some fundamental changes will be made to the game. First, the buffs are going to be a lot simpler. There are just too many buffs in Sonny 2, because the gameplay relied on them too strongly. Now we’ll have much more interesting mechanics, and so buffs can take a back seat. On the other hand, I found a fun way to deal with elements and ability builds. Inspired from card games, each spell will add or gain some kind of bonus based on how many spells of the same element you have in the ability grid. So maybe Toxic Spit gains +15% damage for each Green Mutagen you equip. Meaning you can get stronger power by sticking to one element, but each element will have its own strengths and weaknesses.

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