Smash Animation Sonny 1 1

Smash Animation.

Smash is an active ability in Sonny.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Attack the enemy for X% of your total Strength and X extra points of Damage.


Deals damage to a target.


  • Tier 1: Damages target with 160% of caster's Strength + 5
  • Tier 2: Damages target with 200% of caster's Strength + 8
  • Tier 3: Damages target with 240% of caster's Strength + 15
  • Tier 4: Damages target with 245% of caster's Strength + 20
  • Tier 5: Damages target with 250% of caster's Strength + 30


All Destroyer and Assassin players will find themselves using this ability frequently at the beginning of their gameplay. While this attack obviously deals more damage than Quick Strike, because of its tendency to expend focus quickly it will most likely be overshadowed by the similar but superior abilities, such as Master Strike and Coup De Grace, and eventually outlive its usefulness as the later battles become more tactical.

Other characters who use this abilityEdit