This article is about the ability used by the Frost Terror. For the ability available to Sonny during Sonny, see Shatter Bolt (Sonny). For the ability used by many enemies during Sonny, see Shatter Bolt2.

Shatter Bolt is an A.I. Exclusive Ability in Sonny 2.


Causes a unit to be stunned for 2 turns, and receive 50% less damage. Buff cannot stack.


Shatter Bolt: This unit is stunned, and receiving 50% less damage.



This is the Shatter Bolt (Sonny 2) animation:
Shatter Bolt Frost Terror


  • It differs from the ability in Sonny due to not dealing damage, and reducing damage taken by the target by 50%.
  • It is one of the few A.I. Exclusive Abilities to have an icon.
  • The buff applied by it uses a visual effect.
  • This ability looks identical to Shatter.

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