For the ability in Sonny 2 used by the Frost Terror, see Shatter Bolt (Sonny 2)

Shatter Bolt Animation Sonny 1 2

Shatter Bolt being cast.

Shatter Bolt Animation Sonny 1 3

Shatter Bolt hitting a target.

Shatter Bolt is an active ability in Sonny.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Deals Ice damage to the enemy equal to 30% of your Magic, and stuns for 2 turns. Additional X% bonus to Ice Piercing.


Deals damage to a target with 30% of the caster's Magic and places a buff on it for 2 turns.


Shattered: This unit is stunned.


  • Tier 1: Costs 25 Focus and increases critical chance by 50%
  • Tier 2: Costs 20 Focus and increases critical chance by 70%
  • Tier 3: Costs 15 Focus and increases critical chance by 90%


Although not designed to deliver heavy damage, Shatter Bolt is regardless a very useful move in almost every situation. Its two-turn stun duration allows the player to reassemble his team or deliver powerful attacks while the enemies are immobilized. Also, because this ability can be equipped twice on the Action Bar, Shatter Bolt should be available for its immediate usage most of the time. It is highly advantageous to master this ability when the player wishes to use it often in combat, as the early level of the Shatter Bolt can expend large amount of Focus in a fairly short amount of time. Beware the long cooldown however.

Other characters who use this abilityEdit



  • This skill is nearly identical to the enemies-only skill Shatter Bolt2. However, the latter has a shorter cooldown and deals more damage, but only stuns for 1 turn.
  • For some reason, the buff decreases Ice Piercing. This does nothing in battle, as the afflicted unit is already stunned.

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