Salvation Animation Sonny 2 1

Salvation Animation.

Salvation is an active ability in Sonny 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Entrusts an ally with responsibility, increasing its healing output by X% for X turns. Also reduces the damage it receives by 15%.


Casts a buff on an ally that increases healing output and decreases damage received. Also recovers Focus each turn. The buff cannot stack and has a 40% chance to resist dispelling.


Protector: This unit is recovering X Focus each turn and heals X% more effectively.


  • Tier 1: Increases healing output by 30% for 9 turns with 9 CD duration and recovers 4 Focus each turn
  • Tier 2: Increases healing output by 60% for 11 turns with 11 CD duration and recovers 5 Focus each turn
  • Tier 3: Increases healing output by 90% for 13 turns with 13 CD duration and recovers 6 Focus each turn
  • Tier 4: Increases healing output by 120% for 15 turns with 15 CD duration and recovers 7 Focus each turn



  • The in-game description for this ability does not mention that it also recovers Focus of the target.
  • This ability looks identical to Dux Heal and Klima Heal.
  • Destruction and Reconstruct's icon has a recolor to this ability.