Overdrive is a passive ability in Sonny 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Damages you for 10% of your Health each round, but doubles the power of your Damage-Over-Time and Healing-Over-Time abilities.


Damage-Over-Time and Healing-Over-Time abilities are twice as effective, and Sonny is damaged for 10% of his health per turn.  This damage is not increased by the ability.


Corruption and Betrayal's effects apply a Healing-Over-Time buff for 1 turn, and are also affected by Overdrive.

For those using the Lightning build, combining High Voltage, Shock Coma and applying Retrograde on their last turn with Overdrive as a passive skill, will turn the stacked healing buffs into sudden damage. For those using the Shadow build, combining Epiphany, Insecurity, Dark Echoes and Implosion in this order, with Overdrive, also makes tremendous damage.


Mind Freeze's icon has a recolor to this ability.