An unlock-able strain in Sonny (2017).

"An extremely versatile strain that offers burst damage, dispels, control, and speed. The sheer potential will shock you!"


The lightning strain, as seen in the class selection menu.

Abilities Edit

Electro Bolt: Edit

Deals damage to the target, with a 30-50% chance to grant you the Empower buff (increases power by 50%).

Force Field: Edit

Passive ability. When hit you have a 15-28% chance to gain a shield, which blocks damage from direct attacks for 1 turn.

Arc Flash: Edit

Deals damage to the target, and has a bonus 150-202% critical damage if you are affected by a lightning buff.

Warp Strike: Edit

Deals damage and depletes the targets focus. Also causes you to gain 75 focus.

Disrupt: Edit

Deals damage and dispels all effects on the target. If used on an ally, it will heal them instead. Additionally grants you the Clarity buff (increases critical strike chance by 50% for 1 turn).

Shockwave: Edit

Deals damage to all enemies and depletes their focus.

Volt Snare: Edit

Deals damage and applies the snare debuff to the target (reduces speed by 80% for 2 turns or until hit).

Phase Blade: Edit

Deals damage to the target, and adds additional damage equal to 70-118% of your speed. If this ability critically strikes, its cooldown is reset to 0.

Energize: Edit

Restores health to the target, and restores additional health equal to 100% of your speed. Also grants the haste buff to the target (increases speed by 30%).

Pulse: Edit

Deals damage 4 times to the target. If you are affects by a lightning buff, each hit also depletes the target's focus by 10.

Supercharge: Edit

Passive ability. Increases your speed by 10-18%.

Conductivity: Edit

Passive ability. Your lightning abilities have a 15-35% chance to apply a buff to you that increases your lightning power and healing received by 25%.

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