Il Sanctus
11 Sanctus Roaming Mode Sonny 2 1The roaming mode screen
Title II Sanctus
Game Sonny 2
Level Zone 6 of 7
Type Bonus Zone (only accessible to players that used the "Challenging" or "Heroic" difficulty)
Previous Zone Hew
Next Zone Sho'Tul Shelf
Zone Boss The Judge

II Sanctus is the 6th and first bonus stage in Sonny 2. This stage can be unlocked if the difficulty is set on Challenging or Heroic.


Stage 1
Minimum level: 22
Metal Warden - Level 22
Stage Drops:
Hands of Diamond Sonny 2 1 Hands of Diamond (100%)
Platinum Legplates Sonny 2 1 Platinum Legplates (100%)
Corvette Boots Sonny 2 1 Corvette Boots (100%) S2 Platinum Baton Platinum Baton (100%)

Stage 2
Minimum level: 22
The Bomb - Level 24
Stage Drops:
S2 Mending Beacon Mending Beacon (100%)
Blast Shield Sonny 2 1 Blast Shield (100%)
Platinum Cage Sonny 2 1 Platinum Cage (100%)
Memory Plates Sonny 2 1 Memory Plates (100%)
Flex Footwear Sonny 2 1 Flex Footwear (100%)

Stage 3
Minimum level: 22
Nostalgia - Level 26
Stage Drops:
Deadly Visage Sonny 2 1 Deadly Visage (100%)
Hallowed Gloves Sonny 2 1 Hallowed Gloves (100%)
Tempo Legplates Sonny 2 1 Tempo Legplates (100%) S2 Temporal Blade Temporal Blade (100%)

Stage 4 (Boss)
Minimum level: 23
The Judge - Level 28
Stage Drops:
S2 Special Ops Armor Special Ops Armor (100%)
S2 Azure Grips Azure Grips (100%)
S2 Azure Leggings Azure Leggings (100%) S2 Azure Knife Azure Knife (100%)

Training FightsEdit

All training fight levels are 5 levels above Sonny (Maximum level Over 30). 

Training Fight
Minimum level: 22
Peace Keeper Peace Keeper
No Drops


11 Sanctus Shop Sonny 2 1

The shop of II Sanctus.

There is not anything said in the shop screen
Item Name Item Icon Price Stats In-Game Description In-Game Appearance

Sight of Pursuit

(Lvl. 26 Headwear)

Sight of Pursuit Sonny 2 1

Buy: €1392

Sell: €209

Speed +6

Strength +67

Vitality +21

Physical Defense +11

S2 Sight of Pursuit Image

Calf Hooks

(Lvl. 27 Footwear)

Calf Hooks Sonny 2 1

Buy: €1052

Sell: €158

Speed +8

Instinct +24

Vitality +47

S2 Calf Hooks Image


(Lvl. 27 Headwear)

Conviction Sonny 2 1

Buy: €1473

Sell: €221

Speed +33

Strength +55

Vitality +22

S2 Conviction Image

Enforcer Rifle

(Lvl. 25 Two-Handed Arms)

S2 Enforcer Rifle

Buy: €3750

Sell: €563

Speed +55

Instinct +55

Strength +82

Vitality +82

S2 Enforcer Rifle Image

Azure Shredder

(Lvl. 23 Secondary Arms)

Azure Shredder Sonny 2 1

Buy: €1655

Sell: €249

Speed +83

Physical Piercing +42

S2 Azure Shredder Image


  • Some of the enemies and abilities in II Sanctus are almost similar to those in New Alcatraz.
  • Like the other bonus zone, (Sho'Tul Shelf) this zone dont have any in-battle dialog, roaming mode texts and shop texts either.
  • In training mode theres a stock fight with two Peace Keepers. They are 5 levels above than the highest leveled member of your team, even if your characters are on level 30 (max).

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