Heroic Motivation Animation Sonny 1 1

Heroic Motivation Animation.

Heroic Motivation is an active ability in Sonny.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Heals yourself or a friendly target for X% of your Strength and Magic, and dispels X negative effect(s).


Restores a target's Health and removes its 1 or more debuffs.


  • Tier 1: Restores Health equal to 170% of caster's Strength and Magic and dispels 1 debuff
  • Tier 2: Restores Health equal to 230% of caster's Strength and Magic and dispels 2 debuffs
  • Tier 3: Restores Health equal to 290% of caster's Strength and Magic and dispels 3 debuffs


Other characters who use this abilityEdit


  • Medic Heal is a very similar skill with an identical appearance. However, it has a higher cost, no cooldown and healing based mainly on Magic.
  • Reform and Cell Reformation Shaman also look identical.
  • Most heals are physical elements, but this ability is one of them using magic elements.

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