Ghost Assassin
S1 Ghost Assassin
Level 3 ~ 4 , 6
Race Ghost
Appearance Ishiguro's Rest
- Stage 11 and 15
- Training Fight

Ghost Assassins appear during Ishiguro's Rest, and are followers of Sensei Ishiguro similar to the Ghost Samurais. They seem to wield Swift Blades despite them being secondary arms.

The most difficult part of battling a Ghost Assassin is their tendancy to use Shadow Blend, making themselves nearly impossible to hit with an attack.



Attributes LV3 LV4 LV6
Speed 38 44 56
Magic 21 24 30
Strength 21 24 30
HP 136 168 232
Focus 60 Physical Magic Ice Fire Lightning Earth Shadow Poison
Target Weakest Piercing 75 25 25 25 25 25 25 25
Defense 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25


Shadow Blend
Cost CD Available Targets Number on Action Bar
10 Focus
Shadow Blend Ghost Assassin
Element Damage/Healing
Accuracy modifier Additional notes
S1 Shadow Blend Buff
Shadow Blend
This unit's speed is increased by 500%. Lasts 4 turns.

Cost CD Available Targets Number on Action Bar
Strike Animation Ghost Assassin Sonny 1 1
Element Damage/Healing
100% Strength
Accuracy modifier Additional notes

Zombie Poison
Cost CD Available Targets Number on Action Bar
15 Focus
Poison Animation Ghost Assassin Sonny 1 2
Element Damage/Healing
60% Strength
Accuracy modifier Additional notes
S1 Poison Buff
This unit suffers Acid damage every turn, equal to 33% of the caster's Strength. Lasts 4 turns.
Cannot stack.

Ability SelectionEdit

Notes on enemy AI: While in a given battle stage, enemies will attempt to use First Choice abilities. If impossible (due to focus, silencing or cooldowns), they will proceed to Second Choice, etc.
Cooldown for enemies indicates how often abilities may be used, and is effectively one less than for Sonny (IE cooldown of 2 can be used every second turn)
Enemy-targetting abilities have a chance of targetting the weakest enemy rather than targetting at random; this is given in the Attributes section above.
Ally-targetting abilities always target the weakest targetable ally.
Selection within a category is random unless indicated.
All exceptions noted below.
Battle Stages First Choice Second Choice Third Choice
HP above 50% Strike
Zombie Poison
HP between 50% and 45% 50%:
-Zombie Poison
-Shadow Blend
HP below 45% Shadow Blend Strike
Zombie Poison


Headwear Bodywear Gloves Leggings Footwear Primary Secondary
S1 Ghostly Mask Image
S1 Assassin's Tunic Image
S1 Handwraps of Caution Image
S1 Shadow Legwraps Image
S1 Boots of Stealth Image
Shadow Primary
Ghostly Mask Assassin's Tunic Handwraps of Caution Shadow Legwraps Boots of Stealth unknown


Because the Ghost Assassin has little health, it doesn't take as many attacks as other opponents to defeat him. However, he has a high, consistent chance to deliver critical hits, so the classes with low health should not let their guard down when fighting him. His Shadow Blend makes it difficult for the player to hit him. The player should try to take out the Ghost Assassin before he can activate Shadow Blend. Stunning him then delivering the final blow is the safest way to get rid of the Ghost Assassin. If you have electro bolt use it because it can kill them in one hit.


Item Name Item Icon Sell Price Stats In-Game Description In-Game Appearance
Ghostly Mask
S1 Ghostly Mask

Speed +4

Strength +2

Physical Piercing +4

S1 Ghostly Mask Image
Assassin's Tunic
S1 Assassin's Tunic

Speed +4

Strength +3

Physical Piercing +7

S1 Assassin's Tunic Image
Moon-Struck Horrors
S1 Moon-Struck Horrors

Strength +15

Physical Piercing +38

You can hear tormented screams...
S1 Moon-Struck Horrors Image


  • Ghost Assassin has the lowest Focus of any foe in Sonny.

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