For the enemy in Sonny that is an ally of the ZPCI Captain see ZPCI Assault

GSG9 Assault
S1 GSG9 Assault
Level 2 , 4
Race Human
Appearance Ishiguro's Rest
- Stage 9 and 12
Allies ZPCI Hunter

GSG9 Assault appear during Ishiguro's Rest. They attack Sonny during this zone, and appear during 2 stages. They appear to be working in concert with the ZPCI Hunters, likely hunting Veradux.

Battle-wise, they are simply a more powerful ZPCI Assault. As such, the main difficulty comes from the numbers in which they attack.



Attributes LV2 LV4
Speed 10 13
Magic 10 13
Strength 10 13
HP 83 102
Focus 70 Physical Magic Ice Fire Lightning Earth Shadow Poison
Target Weakest Piercing 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25
Defense 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25


Cost CD Available Targets Number on Action Bar
Strike Animation GSG9 Assault Sonny 1 2
Element Damage/Healing
100% Strength
Accuracy modifier Additional notes

Cost CD Available Targets Number on Action Bar
15 Focus
Modified Explosion Animation GSG9 Assault Sonny 1 1
Element Damage/Healing
100% Magic
Accuracy modifier Additional notes

Ability SelectionEdit

Notes on enemy AI: While in a given battle stage, enemies will attempt to use First Choice abilities. If impossible (due to focus, silencing or cooldowns), they will proceed to Second Choice, etc.
Cooldown for enemies indicates how often abilities may be used, and is effectively one less than for Sonny (IE cooldown of 2 can be used every second turn)
Enemy-targetting abilities have a chance of targetting the weakest enemy rather than targetting at random; this is given in the Attributes section above.
Ally-targetting abilities always target the weakest targetable ally.
Selection within a category is random unless indicated.
All exceptions noted below.
Battle Stages First Choice Second Choice Third Choice
Always Strike


Headwear Bodywear Gloves Leggings Footwear Primary Secondary
GSG9 Headwear
GSG9 Bodywear
GSG9 Gloves
GSG9 Leggings
GSG9 Footwear
S1 Pulse Rifle Image
unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown Pulse Rifle


They cannot heal, and they don't do a lot of damage with Strike, they can deal decent damage with Explosion, and they only have 70 Focus so once they have no Focus, they can only use Strike.

Supression can be effective at decreasing damage taken from their attacks.


They drop nothing.


  • The GSG 9 is a real-life German counter-terrorism and special ops unit, which hints that Sonny may take place in Germany in the future; although this may just have been the inspiration for the unit.
  • They are wearing GSG9 armor but on the right side, they got reversed to 9GSG. When they are on the left side they have the right order.

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