Fire Claw
Fire Claw Sonny 2 1
Level 20
Race Unknown
Appearance Labyrinth
- Stage 9 (Boss)

Fire Claw are enemies that appear in Labyrinth during Sonny 2. They only appear in one stage, as allies of The Hydra.



Attributes LV20
EASY Speed 119
Instinct 42
Strength 42
HP 3264
Instinct 84
Strength 84
HP 5549
HEROIC Speed 132
Instinct 105
Strength 105
HP 6528
Focus 100 Physical Cosmic Ice Fire Lightning Earth Shadow Poison
Target Weakest Piercing 100 100 100 150 100 100 100 100
Defense 180 450 20 450 20 450 450 15


Cost CD Available Targets Number on Action Bar
Fireball Animation Fire Claw Sonny 2 1
Element Damage/Healing
300% Strength
Accuracy modifier Additional notes
S2 Burns
This unit is suffering from burns. Lasts 4 turns.
Damaged for 40% caster's Strength.

Leading Strike
Cost CD Available Targets Number on Action Bar
Leading Strike Animation Fire Claw Sonny 2 1
Element Damage/Healing
170% Strength
Accuracy modifier Additional notes
Sonny can also use Leading Strike.
Caster recovers 50 Focus.

Ability SelectionEdit

Notes on enemy AI: While in a given battle stage, enemies will attempt to use First Choice abilities. If impossible (due to focus, silencing or cooldowns), they will proceed to Second Choice, etc.
Cooldown for enemies indicates how often abilities may be used, and is effectively one less than for Sonny (IE cooldown of 2 can be used every second turn)
Enemy-targetting abilities have a chance of targetting the weakest enemy rather than targetting at random; this is given in the Attributes section above.
Ally-targetting abilities always target the weakest targetable ally.
Selection within a category is random unless indicated.
All exceptions noted below.
Battle Stages First Choice Second Choice Third Choice
All friendly units above 1% HP Fireball
Weakest friendly unit below 1% HP Fireball
Leading Strike


As they only use Leading Strike when an ally is below 1% HP, Fireball is effectively their only ability. Despite it being somewhat weak, they can inflict a lot of damage if the ability stacks.

It is best to destroy these Fire Claws before focusing all attacks on the Hydra. Amplified Fire damage on top of the attacks of the Hydra can be vexing, but Fire Claws are much easier to destroy because of their substantially lower health.

Fire Claws are also more susceptible to the Lightning attacks, taking substantially more damage than the oridnary attacks. On the other hand, they also have high Shadow defense. For the Psychologicals, it is highly recommended that they confront Fire Claws using Lightning abilities.

They also have low Ice Defense, so Ice abilities are also effective.

Poison abilities also deal a large amount of damage.


They drop nothing.


  • Fire Claws use the ability Leading Strike, despite not having a melee animation. Because of this, they approach the target but do not actually attack them when using the ability.

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