• Etherien

    I'm Back, Finally

    April 30, 2017 by Etherien

    I know I already said something to this effect in a comment on one of the pages, but I figured a better place for a discussion of that sort would be here instead. So with the release of the new Sonny game on steam, I've found myself missing having a comprehensive reference to use to plan builds and such, so I figured I may as well come back and help make one :)

    As for why I haven't been active for the last four or five years, the only excuse I can offer is that I've been focused on uni work for that time. I still am, in fact, so I probably can't be quite as active as I once was for the next 8 months or so, but I'll try and be as active a contributor as I can be in the interest of getting some decent information up about the new Sonny game.


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  • Captain Ryan Scully

    I added the new characters page, a list of every single character in Sonny & Sonny 2. I will add more characters like from Sonny 2017 (Kara, Acid Zombie etc.) once those pages are created (possibility I will create them). Here is the url to the page:

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  • Starport592

    I don't know why this makes me so excited, but it is exciting nonetheless.

    Infoboxes will now generate the icon for ability buffs automatically, which now means that you don't have to take screenshots of the ability buffs in-game and upload them to the wiki when you fill out the infobox!

    You can see the changes I made here: Template:Infobox ability

    You can check out the buff icon template here: Template:BuffIcon

    It's just one of those "quality of life" changes that I think will help out immensely. Especially if and when *cough* SONNY 3 *cough* a new Sonny title comes out.

    Existing images can stay since someone took the time to upload them, but if there were any ability images that slipped through the cracks, they will automatically be generated …

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  • Wonderfl

    Introducing the new look of Sonny Wiki!

    We've been working hard on building the best possible experience for Sonny fans.

    The new homepage lets you access everything important about the Sonny series.

    Character pages like Sonny, Veradux, Felicity and Roald have been greatly improved as well.

    Enemy pages like Clemons the Deceiver, Mokoshotar and Riot Police, have been improved as well.

    What are you waiting for? Explore the new content using the navigation below, or visit armor games and play Sonny and Sonny 2 now!

    Wonderfl (Reply) 08:17, July 4, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Arthur1124


    April 20, 2014 by Arthur1124


    Head Body Hand Leg Feet RH LH
    ZPCI Assault

    GSG9 Assault

    ZPCI Captain

    ZPCI Hunter, ZPCI Sniper

    ZPCI Elite

    ZPCI Medic

    ZPCI Paladin

    ZPCI Destroyer

    ZPCI Guardian

    ZPCI Assassin

    ZPCI Gunslinger

    Royal Courier

    ZPCI Hunter 2

    ZPCI Elite 2, ZPCI Ambassador

    (Ant)Arctic ZPCI Elite

    ZPCI Sniper 2

    ZPCI Medic 2

    ZPCI Surgeon

    Captain Hunt


    Black Ops

    Riot Police, Peacekeeper


    Secret Police

    Police Colonel

    ZPCI Fury

    ZPCI Velocity

    ZPCI Cryptor

    Ghost Samurai

    Moon Sensei

    Samurai of Omen

    Warm Samurai

    Sun Sensei

    Shaman of Blades (Bloody)

    Shaman Controller

    Shaman of Blades (Tribal)

    Shaman of Death (Staffman)

    Shaman of Death (Axeman)

    Shaman of Death(Survivor)

    Shaman of Life (Clubman)

    Shaman of Life (Axeman)

    Shaman of Ignition

    Shaman of Unusage


    Prison Guard

    Prison Guard 2

    The Ward…

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  • DaviAwesome

    Hey Guys, I'm Back! :D

    August 10, 2013 by DaviAwesome

    Hi! I've been gone for some time from the wiki now, as I've been away from my computer in vacation for quite a long time now. That's all! And I hope that I can continue building the wiki and also that it gets more attention once Sonny 3 comes out. Thanks!

    DaviAwesome (talk) 16:49, August 10, 2013 (UTC)

    P.S. Firecrow91, how is the Sinjid Wiki going? Has it expanded drastically? Also, my thanks to all of the edits you've made here throughout the years. Congrats! :D

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  • DaviAwesome

    New Admin

    May 22, 2013 by DaviAwesome

    We should have a new admin here since the other admin(s) is (are) now virtually absent from this wiki. I don't know who the admin should be........

    DaviAwesome (talk) 20:27, May 22, 2013 (UTC)

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  • DaviAwesome

    Adding Pictures

    April 24, 2013 by DaviAwesome

    To me, there seems to be a problem when adding pictures:

    For example:

    When I was editing an article, I added 10 pictures to it. However, when I view recent history, it shows that I only added like 6 pictures. Also, when I check my badge for adding pictures, the number before the slash only increased by 6 and not by 10.

    Is there a reason why this happens?

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  • Typso

    Full Walkthrough

    March 16, 2013 by Typso

    I was wondering, the Sonny Wiki is the place where people come to get all kinds of information about the games. Shouldn't we have a full walkthrough for both Sonny and Sonny 2? I would like to hear your opinions.

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  • Unheardmoss0

    my player code

    March 11, 2013 by Unheardmoss0

    hey unheardmoss0 hear love this game but cant beat the baron any help

    and my player code is


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  • Firecrow91

    Navboxes and tabs

    October 9, 2012 by Firecrow91

    I've been giving some thought to how to do the navbox for Sonny 2 AI skills. Given the amount of skills, a standard navbox wouldn't work; it would end up being as long as the Sonny 2 Enemies navbox, but without being divided up into sections. A basically-unreadable wall of text, in other words.

    The solution I came up with is multiple navboxes: A-D, E-I, J-R and S-Z. But the only way I can think of to display one navbox with easy access to others is tabs, which don't appear to be enabled on this wiki.

    For reference, the code I've been using is:

    The code works fine on another wiki, so I can only conclude that something needs to be changed in the general wiki code. As my knowledge on the matter does not even extend to whether or not the "general…

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  • Sithu Aye


    August 26, 2012 by Sithu Aye

    I just thought it was imperative for me to announce that I have been given Admin rights by ShadowenX due to his recent inactivity.

    So if you want to bring up anything that involves administrative rights, you can either contact me or ShadowenX himself.

    - Caution! You have been Envenomed. 16:16, August 26, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Firecrow91

    Linking to items

    August 21, 2012 by Firecrow91

    I said I would add an easier way to link to items on the item pages without requiring a redirect page for every item.

    gives ()

    This also works for all unobtainable items. There's a few of them that share names with obtainable items (Engineering Gloves, Navy Boots, Frosted Leggings, Metal Shield, Riot Shield). Same method applies here, with the default being the obtainable item.

    I am trying to work out a way to link to Tool, Stick and Surgery Blade, which have multiple items on the same page. This method should work for every other item, unless I made a typo on the template.

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  • Alfex

    Just for the badge

    July 27, 2012 by Alfex
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  • Sithu Aye

    Navbox Templates

    July 22, 2012 by Sithu Aye

    After searching through various Wikis looking for codes, I've finally finished the templates that are going to provide more convenience for the readers. Navbox Templates are designed to make it easier for the readers to navigate through the list of relavant pages. I've created 10 of them; 1 for characters, 1 for classes, 1 for locations, 2 for enemies, 4 for Ability Trees, and 1 for items.

    I am going to start adding them to the respective pages (Done). Feel free to comment on these templates if the need requires. Also, you can make suggestions on which other group of pages need Navbox Templates.

    The contents are organized in alphabetical order, with the exception of the location Template, which is organized by the order of appearance, and the…

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  • Firecrow91

    I looked in the coding of Sonny 2. It would seem that attributes do not follow the same simple A + BxLV formula as in Sonny. I'm not going to go into the complex mathematical details involved, but I'll let you know the calculation involves LV6 and different formulas for different levels. The only way I'm going to be able to put these on the page is as a table giving the attributes at each level the unit is found at, which makes it fortunate Sonny 2 has a level cap. My question is, should I convert the Sonny enemies to the same format, once I design it, just leaving Illusion and Royal Courier as formulas? (Meaning have them as formulas in the new template, which it's not really designed for, but better than having those two with different t…

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  • Etherien

    Here's a complete list of the items in Sonny 2.

    Hope you find it helpful.

    ZONE 1


    Lvl. 1 Bodywear - White T-shirt

    Lvl. 1 Leggings - Levo Jeans

    Lvl. 1 Footwear - Proverse All Stars

    Lvl. 1 Primary Arms - A Broken Pipe


    Lvl. 1 Combat Medic Headwear - Medic-B Helm

    Lvl. 1 Combat Medic Bodywear - Medic-B Armor

    Lvl. 1 Combat Medic Gloves - Medic-B Gloves

    Lvl. 1 Combat Medic Leggings - Medic-B Legs

    Lvl. 1 Combat Medic Footwear - Medic-B Boots

    Lvl. 1 Combat Medic Two-Handed Arms - Storm Rifle

    Item Store - Zone 1:

    Lvl. 3 Leggings - Dirty 31

    Lvl. 3 Secondary Arms - Prison Shanker

    Lvl. 4 Secondary Arms - EMD Blade

    Item Store - Set:

    Lvl. 3 Headwear - Metal Mask

    Lvl. 3 Bodywear - Voltage Cage

    Lvl. 3 Gloves - Frosted Gloves

    Lvl. 3 Leggings - Toxic Plates

    Lvl. 3 Fo…

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  • Firecrow91

    Attribute Box

    July 13, 2012 by Firecrow91

    Made a little infobox of my own...

    Works for both games (use magic or instinct, magicp or cosmicp, magicd or cosmicd) and gives the default message if there's no piercings or defenses.

    Let me know what you think.

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  • Sithu Aye

    Nothing fancy. Gonna be gone until July 18th due to vacation assuming that there will be no decent internet connection. I might be reachable though.

    So, see you around people. - Caution! You have been Envenomed. 00:02, July 3, 2012 (UTC)

    So it turns out I will be able to use decent internet in some locations.

    Also, I was thinking maybe we should utilize infoboxes for pages regarding characters/enemies and abilities. The one you see below is an example for the infobox character and infobox ability.

    This template is used to create a character infobox for the characters and enemies encountered in Sonny game.
    Type somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
    Sample output

    ]] 15:40, July 11, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Etherien

    Currently I am the only active and reasonably frequent user on the wiki since Kai 12 left, and even I don't have very much time for the wiki at the moment. Mostly, I am compiling information externally about the Sonny games when I have the time (rarely), which is partly why I don't edit the wiki much nowadays. I am, however, planning on seeing it through to completion eventually, and more contributors would be helpful... even if you just stop by to create part of a page.

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  • Etherien

    More users needed!

    November 5, 2011 by Etherien

    This wiki needs more users! Recommend it to anyone you think might be interested.

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