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Selection image for the Biological character class

Biological is a class in Sonny 2. It focuses on physical attacks to deal damage; therefore, its main co-efficients are strength and speed.


There are two main character types in the biological class: Predators and Toxicants.

Predators are very much like Assassin class of Sonny; they have usually higher speed, and the main way of fighting is dealing maximum instant damage with the higher physical piercing as possible. Most of their attacks scale with their Strength and Speed.

Toxicants have much higher health, resistance, and usually higher instinct than the Predators. Their abilities are more based on damage over time. Toxicants' attacks deal combined damage: the direct attack deals usually INSTINCT+STRENGTH damage and then the damage over time deals STRENGTH damage.

There is a mix of both Predators and Toxicants: the "survival type". This kind of way of fighting involves much higher health, and players usually employ it for helping the team mates. Survival way of playing involves very developed low level attacks and most healing abilities.


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Vicious StrikeIntegrityAnimalismSlashBreak (Sonny 2)AdrenalineEnrageCorrosionDisruptWound (Sonny 2)Reform (Sonny 2)EnvenomSavageryImmobilizeInfectAnestheticPredator FormSample BloodWithdrawalToxicant FormAgile ExposureSharp SensesEndurance (Sonny 2)Acidic BloodShadow Blend (Sonny 2)EvolutionSubversion (Sonny 2)CrystallizeLeading StrikeDestroyAbility Tree Biological Sonny 2 1
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Abilities are listed in chains based on their dependence.

Unlocked with Ability Points

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